Using Globus (Sensor and Genomics data)

About Globus Connect

The Globus Connect service provides high-performance, secure, file transfer and synchronization between endpoints. It also allows you to securely share your data with other Globus users.

Installing Globus

To access data via Globus, you must first have a Globus account and endpoint.

  1. Sign up for Globus at

  2. Download and install Globus Connect Personal or Server.

Requesting Access

To request access to the Terraref endpoint, send your Globus id (or University email) to David LeBauer ( with 'TERRAREF Globus Access Request' in the subject. You will be notified once you have been granted access.

Accessing Data via Globus

To transfer data to your computer or server:

  1. Log into Globus

  2. Add an endpoint for the destination (e.g. your local computer)

  3. Go to the 'transfer files' page:

  4. Select source

    • Endpoint: Terraref

    • Path: Navigate to the subdirectory that you want.

    • Select (click) a folder

    • Select (highlight) files that you want to download at destination

    • Select the endpoint that you set up above of your local computer or server

    • Select the destination folder (e.g. /~/Downloads/)

  5. Click 'go'

  6. Files will be transfered to your computer

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