Data Use Policy

Public Domain Data

Data will be released with a CC0 license, meaning that they are in the public domain. The CC0 license allows wide use of these data and while it does not legally bind users to acknowledge the source data users are expected cite our data and research in publications, presentations, and other products.

The first release in 2020 included data from Seasons 4 and 6. This is available on Dryad and Globus.

Data are in the public domain to enable broad and unrestricted re-use. However, any derived pubications should cite the dataset:

Citing TERRA REF data:

Genomics, sensor, and phenotype data: LeBauer, David et al. (2020), Data From: TERRA-REF, An open reference data set from high resolution genomics, phenomics, and imaging sensors, Dryad, Dataset,

AZMet Weather Data (available on Dryad): Brown, P. W., and B. Russell. 1996. “AZMET, the Arizona Meteorological Network. Arizona Cooperative Extension.”

Data Processing Pipeline: Burnette, Maxwell, et al. "TERRA-REF data processing infrastructure." Proceedings of the Practice and Experience on Advanced Research Computing. 2018. 1-7. doi:10.1145/3219104.3219152

Software and Algorithms

For algorithms, we intend to release via BSD 3 clause or MIT / BSD compatible license. Algorithms are available on GitHub in the terraref organization: and have been archived on Zenodo (see

Citations for Individual Software and Documentation Components are listed in the references section and can be browsed on Zenodo.

Unpublished Data

We plan to make data from the Transportation Energy Resources from Renewable Agriculture Phenotyping Reference Platform (TERRA-REF) project available for use with attribution.

Please consider engaging with team members to collaborate on new research with these data. You can learn more about our approach to co-authorship and also about planned research papers in the section Manuscripts and Authorship Guidelines.

Timing of Future Data Releases

Any access to data prior to publication is granted with the understanding that the contributions and interests of the TERRA-REF team should be recognized and respected by the users of the data. The TERRA-REF team reserves the right to analyze and published its own data. Resource users should appropriately cite the source of the data and acknowledge the resource produces. The publication of the data, as suggested in the TERRA-REF Authorship Guidelines, should specify the collaborative nature of the project, and authorship is expected to include all those TERRA-REF team members contributing significantly to the work.

Planned future releases include Sorghum Season 9, data from experiments at Kansas State University, and data from the Danforth Indoor Phenotyping Facility.

Additional seasons can be requested as needed. We can provide the raw data and software required to process it. We can also collaborate with you to process the data, but this will typically require new funding sources.


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  • David LeBauer, Computing Pipeline Lead (email:

  • Nadia Shakoor, Project Director (email:

See also Contact Information in the Introduction.

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