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Data Products

The following table lists available TERRA-REF data products. The table will be updated as new datasets are released. Links are provided to pages with detailed information about each data product including sensor descriptions, algorithm (extractor) information, protocols, and data access instructions.
Data product
3D point cloud data (LAS) of the field constructed from the Fraunhofer 3D scanner output (PLY).
Fluorescence intensity imaging is collected using the PSII LemnaTec camera. Raw camera output is converted to (netCDF/GeoTIFF)
Hyperspectral imaging data from the SWIR and VNIR Headwall Inspector sensors are converted to netCDF output using the hyperspectral extractor.
Infrared heat imaging data is collected using FLIR sensor. Raw output is converted to GeoTIFF using the FLIR extractor.
Multispectral data is collected using the PRI and NDVI Skye sensors. Raw output is converted to timeseries data using the multispectral extractor.
Stereo imaging data is collected using the Prosilica cameras. Full-color images are reconstructed in GeoTIFF format using the de-mosaic extractor. A full-field mosaic is generated using the full-field mosaic extractor.
Spectral reflectance data
Spectral reflectance is measured using a Crop Circle active crop canopy sensor
Environment conditions are collected through the CO2 sensor and Thies Clima. Raw output is converted to netCFG using the environmental-logger extractor.
Phenotype data is derived from sensor output using the PlantCV extractor and imported into BETYdb.
FASTQ and VCF files available via Globus
UAV and Phenotractor
Plot level data available in BETYdb

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