Infrared heat imaging data


Infrared heat imaging data is collected collected using the FLIR SC615 thermal sensor. These data are provided as geotiff image raster files as well as plot level means.

Level 1 Data Access

Filesystem (Globus and Workbench)

  • ua-mac/Level_1/ir_geotiff


To be created

Level 3 Data

Plot level summaries are named 'surface_temperature' in the trait database. In the future this name will be used for the Level 1 data as well. This name from the Climate Forecast (CF) conventions, and is used instead of 'canopy_temperature' for two reasons: First, because we do not (currently) filter soil in this pipeline. Second, because the CF definition of surface_temperature distinguishes the surface from the medium: "The surface temperature is the temperature at the interface, not the bulk temperature of the medium above or below."

Raw data access

Thermal imaging data is available via Clowder and Globus:


For details about using this data via Clowder or Globus, please see Data Access section.

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