How to Access Data


TERRA-REF data is available through four different approaches: Globus Connect, Clowder, BETYdb, and CoGe. Raw data is transfered to the primary compute pipeline using Globus Online. Data is ingested into Clowder to support exploratory analysis. The Clowder extractor system is used to transform the data and create derived data products, which are either available via Clowder or published to specialized services, such as BETYdb.

For more information, see the Architecture Documentation.


Clowder is the primary system used to organize, annotate, and process raw data generated by the phenotyping platforms as well as information about sensors.

Use Clowder to explore the raw TERRA-REF data, perform exploratory analysis, and develop custom extractors.

For more information, see Using Clowder.

Globus Connect

Raw data is transferred to the primary TERRA-REF compute pipeline on the Resource Open Geospatial Education and Research (ROGER) system using Globus Online. Data is available for Globus transfer via the Terraref endpoint. Direct access to ROGER is restricted.

Use Globus Online when you want to transfer data from the TERRA-REF system for local analysis.

For more information, see Using Globus.


BETYdb contains the derived trait data with plot locations and other information associated with agronomic experimental design.

Use BETYdb to access about derived trait data.

For more information, see Using BETYdb.


CoGe contains genomic information and sequence data.

For more information, see Using CoGe.

Other Data