Agronomic and Phenotype Data Standards

Current Practice

In TERRA-REF v0 release, agronomic and phenotype data is stored and exchanged using the BETYdb API. Agronomic data is stored in the sites, managements, and treatments tables. Phenotype data is stored in the traits, variables, and methods tables. Data is ingested and accessed via the BETYdb API formats.

Standardization Efforts

In cooperation with participants from AgMIP, the Crop Ontology, and Agronomy Ontology groups, the TERRA-REF team is pursuing the development of a format to facilitate the exchange of data across systems based on the ICASA Vocabulary and AgMIP JSON Data Objects. An initial draft of this format is available for comment on Github.

In addition, we plan to enable the TERRA-REF databases to import and export data via the Plant Breeding API (BRAPI).

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