Field Scanner

This section describes the sensors deployed on the Lemnatec Field Scanner in Maricopa, AZ. Device and sensor information, including technical specifications, calibration data, and calibration targets are stored in the TERRA REF Clowder database.
The Maricopa field site is located at the the University of Arizona Maricopa Agricultural Center and USDA Arid Land Research Station in Maricopa, Arizona. At this site, we have deployed the following phenotyping platforms.
The Lemnatec Scanalyzer Field System is the largest field crop analytics robot in the world. This high-throughput phenotyping field-scanning robot has a 30-ton steel gantry that autonomously moves along two 200-meter steel rails while continuously imaging the crops growing below it with a diverse array of cameras and sensors.
Twelve sensors are attached to the gantry system. Detailed information for each sensor including name, variable measured, and field of view are described in the table below, with links to more detailed specifications.
Sensor Name
Model and Spec Sheet
Field of View
Pixel dimension (mm) at 2m
Technical Specifications
Imaging Sensors
Stereo RGB Camera
GT3300 (web) (specs)
0.305 x 0.315
Laser Scanner
Custom Frauhofer 3D (specs)
0.5m width
1.0 x 0.4
Laser Power: 2000 mW
Laser class: 3B
VNIR Hyperspectral Imager
Inspector VNIR (specs)
380-1000 nm @ 2/3 nm resolution
SWIR Hyperspectral Imager
Inspector SWIR (specs)
1.4 x 1.0
900-2500 nm @ 12 nm resolution
Thermal Infrared
FLIR SC 615 (web) (specs)
25° x 19°
Thermal sensitivity: <50mK @ +30°C
Range: -40°C to +150°C
PSII Fluorescence Response
Lemnatec PS II (specs)
25° x 19°
1.38 x 1.35
Illumination 4000umol/m2/s
Wavelength: 635nm
Multi-spectral Radiometers
Dedicated NDVI
Skye Multispectral Radiometer (web) (specs)
CH1: 650nm; CH2 800. Bandwidth: 10 nm
1 down, 1 up
Dedicated PRI Sensor
Skye Radiometer (web) (specs)
CH1: 531nm +/- 3nm
PAR Sensor
Spectral Range 410 to 655 nm
VNIR Spectroradioometer
Range: 337-824 nm @ 1/2 nm
VNIR+SWIR Spectrometer
Range 350-2500nm @3-8 nm
Installed 2018
Active Reflectance
Bands: 670, 730, 780 nm
Environmental Sensors
Environmental Sensors
Thies ClimaSensorD (web) (specs)
Wind Speed Wind Direction Air Temperature Relative Humidity Air Pressure
Light Precipitation
Wind: 0 - 60m/s
Wind direction: 0 – 360°
Air temperature: -30°C – 70°C
Relative Humidity: 0 – 100%
Air pressure: 300 – 1100hPa
Lightness: 0 – 150kLux
Open Path CO2 Sensor
GMP 343
CO2 Concentration
Range: 0-1000 ppm